When a critical threat or event impacts your assets, you not only need to know what’s happening, you also need the best advice on what to do next.

Many organizations would like to continuously monitor the well-being of their people traveling or assigned to high-risk destinations, but maintaining staffing levels that can create a comprehensive plan, monitor the threat and track the status of personnel is costly. WorldAware is your extended response operations center, working with you to establish call routing, general security, and medical protocols, as well as points of contact for alerting and escalation of potential issues.

All response operations are managed and supervised by our Crisis Management Team with close client coordination, providing ongoing situational updates throughout completion of the mission. At WorldAware, an Incident Management Team is established as a single point of command, control and communication. Unlike our competitors, we assign a dedicated Incident Manager, working from our Global Integrated Operations Center, to work directly with your internal decision-makers.

When the 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, client alerts and protocols were initiated from WorldAware's Global Integrated Operations Center.

Within the hour, WorldAware put its Incident Management Team on alert and prepared to support impacted clients and organizations. The team worked with ground partners to establish safe havens, conduct route surveys and implement plans to assist people countrywide with evacuation or emergency relocation. WorldAware supported over 20 multinational organizations during this crisis.