We are your trusted advisor for security planning, response and assistance services.

We operate under a prepare, monitor and respond cycle. The majority of our efforts are built around helping you prepare or be prepared. We begin this process by continuously monitoring developing situations around the world which have the potential to escalate posing risk to a client.

WorldAware maintains a “forward-leaning” posture enabling early warning to avoid emerging threats before they turn into risk, or rapidly plan and execute precise operations in support of your personnel in need of immediate assistance. We are not an evacuation centric organization - with our unmatched intelligence and a comprehensive plan in place and appropriate protocols and preparation, we help you get ahead of a potential crisis. We partner with your organization to define goals, identify gaps, and create a comprehensive internal security program with tailored protocols specific to your enterprise needs.

Our Response Coordination staff are drawn from a variety of life experiences in order to select the right person for the job. All have prior incident or emergency management experience, the ability to remain calm in the face of stress, empathy, attention to detail and emotional resiliency. Our Operations Team consists of a core of professionals tasked with advising, planning, and conducting security operations to safeguard or rapidly act to remove client personal from dangerous situations.

We have a vetted network of highly specialized partners around the world, who are incorporated into our response operations from the planning phase, providing valuable on-the-ground intelligence and the capability to assist, safeguard, and transport impacted personnel. We integrate these partners into our plans, policies and procedures, enabling us to rapidly provide precise, pre-crisis or crisis assistance.


Global Assistance & Response Services

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