Top-tier risk mitigation training for people at all levels of your organization reduces your risk exposure by preparing your team to minimize and manage threats to themselves and the organization.


Crisis Management Training

Prepare your designated Crisis Management Team (CMT) to direct your organization through a crisis while minimizing any potentially negative impact on operations, personnel, reputation, and profits. Training for the CMT helps them better understand the fundamental principles that can reduce the impact of a crisis and quickly return the organization to normal operating conditions. The training will suit your team and organization, as each program is designed to fit your needs and levels of experience in crisis management. The training objectives and deliverables are also designed to be pertinent to the core business of the company.


Crisis Scenario Training

Tabletop exercises that include testing existing plans will help prepare your CMT with the practical experience needed to deal with a potentially damaging incident so you can minimize the impact on your organization. Your team can hone their skills and explore their strengths and weaknesses in dealing with a crisis before a real one hits. The exercises help your team identify gaps in their knowledge, processes, and capabilities, and build confidence and familiarity with the systems in place. The scenarios your CMT is tested on are designed to match your industry and global footprint, giving you precise experience in dealing with issues that could impact your organization.


Pre-Travel Training

Make sure your personnel are prepared to travel to unfamiliar areas and countries, and are armed with the knowledge they need to reduce potential risks. Adequate training and preparation give your personnel peace of mind and make sure you are meeting your duty of care requirements. The training can be customized to meet the needs of your personnel, taking into account the areas of travel, the nature of the business, and the travel experience of the individual or group; topics can cover advice on preparing to travel, considerations for arrival in country, reducing the impact of crime, responding to serious incidents such as express kidnapping, and the procedures to follow in the event of a major security incident. To provide context, each aspect of the training is underpinned by practical discussions based upon real case studies.


Expat Mentoring Training

Sending your personnel abroad on long-term contracts can carry a range of risks, but by providing suitable training on what to expect, how to adapt, and how to minimize risks, you can make sure your people are prepared, confident, and have the knowledge required for an expatriate relocation. Get peace of mind and cover your corporate responsibility to ensure that your people are ready and prepared to live in a foreign location, from practical daily considerations to crime, security, dealing with authorities, and emergency procedures. The training can be done remotely or face-to-face, giving you flexible options for training across multinational offices.


Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) provides individuals and groups the preparation required to travel to hostile and high-risk environments so that they know what to expect and how to recognize and avoid threats. HEAT course modules include training on situational awareness, checkpoint procedures, medical trauma, accommodation security, and how to respond in the event of a security incident so that your people have the knowledge and training to ensure they came back safely.