Whether you are operating internationally in high-risk environments or just one location with which you are familiar, make sure your organization is prepared to deal with a crisis situation that could impact your people, profits, and operability. WorldAware provides you the right training, tools, and guidance so your organization and management team can successfully navigate potentially damaging or disastrous issues with minimal impact.  

The objective of any risk management program is to mitigate risk to an acceptable tolerance level consistent with business objectives, regulations, and the prevailing duty of care standard.  A successful risk management program will reduce the frequency and severity of incidents, protect brand reputation, support business continuity, and mitigate the costs associated with response, recovery, lost productivity, and liability exposure.

Whether you have basic procedures and are looking for assistance in developing a suite of sophisticated policies and procedures, or already have developed risk management and contingency plans and are looking for interactive training and simulation exercises to evaluate your procedures, we tailor the best people risk management programs to ensure the safety and security of your personnel, brand reputation, and liability exposure. We ensure business resiliency and business continuity, and we make sure crisis management plans are designed to augment your efforts in the development of these program plans. We also conduct exercise support to train responsible parties and validate effectiveness.