Security: Opposing activist groups to rally in front of City Hall in Seattle, Washington, US, Jan. 5. Avoid the area due to possible clashes.

Security: Warning Alert

This alert affects Seattle, Washington

This alert began 05 Jan 2020 20:25 GMT and is scheduled to expire 06 Jan 2020 10:00 GMT.

  • Event: Protest
  • Location: Outside City Hall, Seattle, Washington (map)
  • Start Time/Date: 1200 Jan. 5
  • Impact: Heightened security; localized transport and business disruptions; counterprotests; possible low-level clashes

Activists affiliated with the group Washington State Three Percent are preparing to rally in Seattle, Washington, Jan. 5. Participants began gathering at 1200 in front of the City Hall building located at the corner of 5th Avenue and James Street. The event will probably attract a large crowd and could bring participants in proximity with opposing activists; counterprotesters from local anti-fascist groups reportedly began gathering at the same site at 0900 to condemn the Three Percenters' presence.

Police have deployed to monitor the event and mitigate potential security disturbances. Authorities may close streets and divert traffic with little prior notice. While major violence is unlikely, clashes between protesters and police or groups of rival demonstrators cannot be completely ruled out.

Avoid the announced rally location due to the possibility of clashes. Allow additional time to reach destinations near Seattle City Hall on Jan. 5.

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