Kincade Fire | Nov. 4: 1:23 a.m. EST | Warning Alert
Evacuation orders downgraded as crews respond to Kincade Fire in Sonoma County, Calif., US as of late Nov. 3.


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This alert began 04 Nov 2019 06:21 GMT and is scheduled to expire 04 Nov 2019 23:59 GMT.

  • Incident: Wildfire
  • Location: Sonoma County, Calif. 
  • Start Date: Late Oct. 23
  • Impact: Evacuations, ground transport disruptions, power outages



As of late Nov. 3, emergency crews continue to work to contain the Kincade wildfire in Sonoma County, California. The fire is 31,468 hectares (77,758 acres) and is around 78-percent contained. The blaze ignited Oct. 23 and has since destroyed 360 structures. Authorities have stated they expect full containment of the fire Nov. 7; however, some uncertainty remains. Hot, dry, and windy conditions may hamper firefighting efforts over the coming days, and additional wildfire growth is possible.

Authorities downgraded evacuations orders for the following areas to evacuation warnings:

  • Area west of Ida Clayton Road to, and including, Pine Flat Road, and North 128 to the Lake County line
  • Highway 128 North Knights Valley Area to the Napa County Line
  • Area south of Highway 128 and the fireline, East of Windsor Town limits, north of Faught Road at Shiloh Road and the Zone 5B boundary
  • Area south of Highway 128 and Yellow Jacket Ranch Road, west of Highway 128 and the Zone 6 boundary to the Zone 3C boundary, including areas accessed east of Shiloh Ridge Road at Mayacama Club Drive

Evacuation orders and warnings are subject to change in the coming hours and days. Reports indicate that officials closed emergency shelters.

Transport and Utilities
The wildfire will likely continue to cause localized transport disruptions. There are currently numerous closed roads on areas near to and in areas under evacuation orders or warnings. Traffic flows could also be disrupted during reentry periods after authorities lift evacuation orders. Low visibility from smoke and possible ashfall could contribute to traffic delays and congestion in the region. Power outages are highly likely to continue in many areas through early November.



Heed all evacuation orders. Seek updated information on road conditions if driving in the affected area; road closures and detours will cause increased congestion and delays. Individuals not under evacuation warnings should consider remaining inside well-ventilated, air-conditioned spaces to reduce exposure to smoke. Collect essential items - including identification and any important legal and travel documents - in a "go-bag" that can be easily accessed. Charge battery-powered devices in case of prolonged power outages.



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