Authorities in Salt Lake City, Utah, will deploy increased security on Oct. 7 as the city hosts the vice-presidential debate, which will take place as part of the 2020 US presidential election campaign. The debate will occur at Kingsburry Hall on the University of Utah campus starting at 1900.

Ahead of the event, authorities have already implemented a number of measures that are scheduled to remain in effect until Oct. 8. These include:

  • Closure of University Avenue between 100 South and 300 South streets
  • Closure of 100 South Street between University Street and North Campus Drive
  • Suspension or rerouting of multiple public transport routes around the University of Utah
  • Ban on parking in the affected area


Heightened police presence is likely in the area during the debate.

Additionally, the group Utah Students for a Democratic Society plans to hold a march starting at 1700 from the Wallace Bennett Federal Building, along 100 South Street, to the University of Utah campus. The purpose of the demonstration is to demand the candidates debate specific issues, including environmental and immigration policies.

Other protests in the area are possible. Supporters of both vice-presidential candidates may congregate near the campus or other locations around Salt Lake City. Transport and business disruptions are likely around the University of Utah through early Oct. 8. While most demonstrations that occur will probably remain peaceful, isolated clashes cannot be ruled out.


Allow additional time to reach destinations on or in the vicinity of the University of Utah through at least early Oct. 8. Heed the instructions of authorities.


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