Supporters of President Donald J. Trump plan to hold protests at state capitol building nationwide from 1200 Nov. 7. The actions are to denounce alleged electoral fraud and will be held under the "Stop the Steal" banner. Some of the larger gatherings are likely to occur in states where election results remain contested. These include:

  • Arizona: State Capitol in Phoenix
  • Georgia: State Capitol in Atlanta
  • Michigan: State Capitol in Lansing
  • Nevada: State Capitol in Carsen City
  • Pennsylvania: State Capitol in Harrisburg
  • Wisconsin: State Capitol in Madison

Supporters of former Vice President Biden may hold counterprotests the same day. More generally, election-related protests are likely to materialize in cities and towns nationwide Nov. 7-8; large urban centers that have experienced major election-related rallies include Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

Heightened security is highly likely around the demonstrations. Clashes between police and demonstrators, as well as between opposing protesters, are possible. Authorities may choose to close streets adjacent to buildings where counts are taking place, prompting localized transport and business disruptions.



Avoid all demonstrations as a precaution and to avoid ground travel delays. Strictly heed the instructions of authorities. If violence breaks out, leave the area immediately, and seek shelter in a secure location. Allow additional time to reach destinations near announced or potential protest locations. Confirm appointments.



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