Warning Alert

Weather: Recovery efforts likely to continue in parts of Louisiana and Texas, US, into early September following the passage of Hurricane Laura. 

  • Alert Begins: 01 Sep 2020 01:33 PM UTC
  • Alert Expires: 07 Sep 2020 11:59 PM UTC
  • Categories: Natural Hazards
  • Incident: Hurricane Laura Aftermath
  • Location(s): Louisiana; southeast Texas (map)
  • Time Frame: Through at least early September
  • Impact: Transport and business disruptions, power outages




Recovery efforts will likely continue through at least early September in large areas of Louisiana and southeast Texas following the Aug. 26-27 passage of Hurricane Laura. The storm left numerous roads flooded, downed trees, and damaged buildings and power infrastructure in several cities in the region. As of early Sept. 1, more than 250,000 customers in Louisiana and over 35,000 in Texas are without power. Thousands of people in Lake Charles, Louisiana, are without water as a result of damage to a water-treatment plant in the area. Hurricane Laura resulted in the deaths of at least 18 people across both Louisiana and Texas.

Cleanup and recovery efforts will probably be more prolonged in southwestern Louisiana, and particularly in locations such as Lake Charles in Cameron County where dozens of buildings were damaged or destroyed, with many roads being blocked by debris and flooding. Additionally, a chemical fire prompted the closure of Interstate Highway 10 near Lake Charles. Although the fire has been contained, closures can still affect Highway 10. In Texas, the cities of Galveston, Port City, and Beaumont were the most affected by the hurricane, primarily due to downed trees and damaged buildings. Transport, telecommunications, and business disruptions could continue across the affected area for several days.




Seek updated information on road conditions before driving in affected areas; some roads could be closed for days. Plan accordingly for protracted commercial, transport, and logistical disruptions. Charge battery-powered devices when electricity is available; restrict the use of cellphones to emergencies only. Power down mobile devices when not in use. Stock up on drinking water and confirm alternative water supplies for business operations. Keep important documents in waterproof containers.


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