Security: Further protests possible in Kolkata, India, through May following demonstrations denouncing the government's response to Cyclone Amphan.

Severity: Warning Alert

This alert affects Kolkata, West Bengal State

This alert began 23 May 2020 11:45 GMT and is scheduled to expire 29 May 2020 23:59 GMT.

  • Incident: Possible protests
  • Location(s): Kolkata (map)
  • Time Frame: Through end May
  • Impact: Possible protests, increased security, transport disruptions, clashes

Further protests are possible in Kolkata, West Bengal, through May, following protests May 22 and 23 criticizing the local government's response to Cyclone Amphan. The cyclone has caused flooding, as well as ongoing water and electricity supply disruptions, throughout the city. Authorities have estimated that a few thousand people have participated in protests in multiple areas, including Tollygunge and Jadavpur. If the city government fails to restore normalcy to the city in the coming days, the protests may expand to more areas. Media reports have not indicated that the protests have been violent.

Security personnel will likely deploy to any further demonstrations and close off roads in the area of protest sites. Protesters may gather at government buildings, such as the Kolkata Town Hall. Demonstrators may block roads during protests, resulting in localized transport disruptions. Clashes between security forces and protesters are possible, especially if police attempt to disperse demonstrators.

Avoid all protests due to the possibility of violence. If clashes break out, vacate the area and take shelter in a secure, nongovernmental building. Follow all security personnel instructions. Allow additional travel time near demonstration sites.