The SARS-CoV-2 virus has impacted organizations around the globe, bringing attention to the need for actionable risk intelligence and business continuity planning.

To ensure you and your organization stay informed of COVID-19 developments, including preparing for business resumption and recovery, WorldAware is making several resources available to you and your organization, such as expert-led briefings and articles, intelligence alerts, an interactive dashboard that provides country-level COVID-19 information, and more.


COVID-19 Risk Intelligence & Resources


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Subscription Solutions

For organizations looking to access timely actionable intelligence and information, WorldAware offers several monthly subscription services, including email delivery of intelligence alerts, travel restriction and airline route restriction reports, access to WorldAware Planner, and more.

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Risk Intelligence Alerts

WorldAware’s intelligence alerts provide timely notification of any health, security, transportation, etc. incidents that could impact your organization or its people. 

Access COVID-19 intelligence alerts by month (alerts are updated twice daily):

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Travel Restrictions & Airline Route Restrictions Reports

Stay up-to-date as international travel restrictions are ordered or lifted, get the latest in-country movement restriction updates, and find out which airlines have routes with suspended or resuming services and additional expert insight. WorldAware provides these reports to the general public updated every other week. For daily and weekly updates, visit our subscription center.

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Interactive Dashboards

Our interactive dashboards provide information at the country-, state- and province-level, including case count data, active intelligence alerts, transportation & movement restrictions, and more.

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Expert Resources

WorldAware's intelligence analysts and security experts provide insight and advice related to reducing the risk of COVID-19 to your people and business and planning for a return to "normal" operations. Explore resources such as: on-demand situational briefing webinars, expert advice, infographics, and more.

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Extend Your Security Operations

Let our team of experts help you provide the analysis and insights you need to mitigate risks unique to your organization. Whether you are looking for tailored intelligence reports, a dedicated hotline to service your workforce, dedicated analysts, or response and recovery planning or consulting, our team is at the ready.

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