Stay up-to-date with changes in travel and airline restrictions.

Sample reports from prior weeks are available below. To learn how to get daily/weekly updated reports, visit the COVID-19 Risk Intelligence Subscription Center. 


Travel Restrictions by Country

Get a comprehensive report of countries with travel advisories and restrictions.

Download the PDF [Last updated April 2, 2020]

Airline Route Restrictions by Country

This weekly report includes airline route restrictions and detailed information. Find out which countries have full or partial route restrictions, as well as airlines with resuming flights.

Download the PDF [Last updated March 26, 2020]

In-country Movement Restrictions

Find out which countries have specific in-country movement restrictions, organized by province or state, for countries include India, Italy, the US, and more.

Download the PDF [Last updated April 2, 2020]

NOTE: The information contained in the documents provided as a courtesy on an “as is” basis. The  content includes information from third-party sources and should not be used as the sole basis for decision-making without consulting additional, timely, or specific sources of information.


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