The following resources provide additional information about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global disruption on an unprecedented scale. Every country has experienced unique challenges, requiring different responses. Our Global Risk Services team has developed four possible scenarios likely to occur as the pandemic response progresses over the next 6 months.

WorldAware's regional analysts are conducting a series of live intelligence briefings focusing on how each region around the world will respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in the coming months, and what that means for businesses operating in those regions.


On-Demand Intelligence Briefings

Access all our COVID-19 intelligence briefings' recordings.

Recovery Scenarios Series

  • Four Recovery Scenarios - Establishes a framework for organizations using key indicators to determine recovery timelines.






  • Russia/CIS - Update on COVID-19 Response and Recovery
  • Russia/CIS - COVID-19 Response and Recovery



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