Severity: Critical Alert

Transportation: Officials in Metro Manila, Philippines, to require residents of 31 barangays to stay at home for 48 hours from 0001 July 4.

  • Alert Begins: 02 Jul 2020 08:08 PM UTC
  • Alert Expires: 05 Jul 2020 06:59 PM UTC
  • Event: Movement restrictions
  • Location(s): Various locations, Metro Manila (map)
  • Time Frame: 0001 July 4 to 2359 July 5
  • Impact: Heightened security, business and transport disruptions

Officials plan to impose strict movement restrictions in 31 of Metro Manila's 897 barangays for 48 hours from 0001 July 4 to facilitate the mass testing of residents for coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The measures, which require most residents to stay within their homes during the period, are more severe than related policies throughout Metro Manila and Luzon Island. Officials will temporarily void quarantine passes, which residents typically can use to leave their homes to obtain essential supplies, during the 48-hour period.

The orders apply to the following areas:


  • District 1: Barangays 20, 41, 51, 56, 66, 96, 97,101, 106, 116, 118, 120, 128, 129


  • District 2: Barangays 163, 173, 180, 185, 215


  • District 3: Barangays 275, 310, 343, 380


  • District 5: Barangays 649, 724, 766, 775, 811


  • District 6: Barangays 836, 846, 847


Authorities will prohibit transport in the affected neighborhoods. Nonessential businesses in the designated barangays will be closed. Healthcare personnel, emergency responders, and media workers, and essential utility workers are exempted from the stay-at-home orders.

Authorities will deploy personnel and erect checkpoints to enforce the movement controls. Severe business and transport disruptions will occur in the 31 barangays. Ground transport disruptions are likely in nearby areas. Officials could extend the restrictions in if they are unable to complete the tests within the time frame.

Strictly heed the instructions of authorities. Avoid all nonessential operations in areas impacted by restrictions. Confirm appointments. Remain courteous and cooperative if approached and questioned by law enforcement officers. Allow additional time for ground transportation in nearby areas.

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