Severity: Warning Alert

Civil Unrest: Activists plan to stage protests in Melbourne, Australia, Sept. 13, over COVID-19 controls. Localized disruptions, skirmishes likely.

Alert Begins 12 Sep 2020 02:00 PM UTC
Alert Expires 13 Sep 2020 02:00 PM UTC

  • Event: Protests
  • Location(s): Melbourne (map)
  • Date: Sept. 13
  • Impact: Increased security, localized transport and business disruptions, clashes

Activists plan to stage rallies in Melbourne Sept. 13, to oppose coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions. Likely protest sites include Albert Park Lake, Fitzroy Garden, the Shrine of Remembrance, and Tan Track in central Melbourne. Hundreds of people have participated in related rallies in the locations Sept. 5 and 12. Police have stated that any action is illegal amid COVID-19 restrictions; however, demonstrators will likely still gather.

Authorities have said they will tighten security across Melbourne as a precaution. Localized transport and business disruptions are probable; security forces could close streets nearby the demonstration sites. Additionally, the police reportedly set up checkpoints along arterial routes leading into Melbourne Sept. 12 to facilitate security measures; officials have warned they will take action against any breaches of restrictions. Low-level violence between security forces and protesters is likely. Police may detain some demonstrators. Skirmishes and arrests occurred during the Sept. 5 and 12 rallies.

Avoid any protests in Melbourne Sept. 13 due to likely skirmishes. Seek updated information from local contacts on gathering plans, as organizers may not announce details in advance. Plan for localized transport and business disruptions around popular protest sites. If violence occurs nearby, immediately depart the area and seek shelter at a safe non-government building. Heed all official security and transport advisories.

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