Severity: Warning Alert

Security: Anti-government protests persist for a second day in Mogadishu, Somalia, April 25. Protests may persist in the coming days.

This alert affects Mogadishu

This alert began 25 Apr 2020 13:08 GMT and is scheduled to expire 28 Apr 2020 23:59 GMT.

  • Incident: Protests
  • Location(s): Mogadishu (map)
  • Time Frame: Through late April
  • Impact: Increased security; possible business disruptions, ground travel disruptions, clashes

Anti-government protests may persist in Mogadishu through late April following unrest sparked by the killing of at least one local national by a security official in the city's Bondhere District late April 24. The official reportedly shot and killed the victim during the city's curfew, in place as a measure to stem the spread of COVID-19. Officials have arrested the official implicated in the shooting. As of April 25, protests continue to be reported in the Bondhere and nearby Shibis districts. Demonstrators have blocked roads and denounced the government of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (also known as Farmaajo).

Security forces will almost certainly remain deployed to enforce the country's COVID-19-related nighttime curfew and recent demonstrations. Clashes between protesters and the security forces are likely, particularly if protests occur during the evening curfew. Ground travel disruptions and business disruptions are almost certain near protest sites.

Avoid all demonstrations. Avoid recent protest-affected districts until the situation stabilizes. Maintain contact with your diplomatic representation. Heed the directives of the security forces. Plan for ground travel disruptions. Reconfirm the status of routes before departure.

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