Severity: Warning Alert

Security: Further protests possible in Kathmandu, Nepal, after Chinese citizens rally outside Singha Durbar in Kathmandu, May 8.

This alert affects Kathmandu

This alert began 08 May 2020 14:10 GMT and is scheduled to expire 15 May 2020 23:59 GMT.

  • Incident: Possible protests
  • Location(s): Kathmandu (map)
  • Time Frame: Indefinite
  • Impact: Possible protests, increased security, transport disruptions, clashes

Further protests are possible in Kathmandu through mid-May after Chinese citizens protested outside the Singha Durbar palace in central Kathmandu May 8. The demonstrators demanded that they be allowed to return to China amid Nepal's ongoing coronavirus disease-related (COVID-19) travel restrictions. Clashes broke out between demonstrators and police. Security personnel arrested at least 25 protesters. Several people were injured in the clashes.

Police will likely deploy to any future demonstrations and enforce movement restrictions in the vicinity of protest sites. Demonstrators may gather near government buildings such as the Singha Durbar palace as well as tourism institutions such as the Nepal Tourism Board. Protesters may also block roadways during demonstrations, resulting in localized transport disruptions. Clashes between security personnel and demonstrators are possible, especially if protesters disobey movement restrictions.

Background and Analysis
The Chinese government has avoided repatriating all its citizens stranded abroad as it believes that imported COVID-19 cases could spark another breakout. Chinese citizens in Kathmandu protested the lack of repatriation outside the Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu April 26.

Avoid all protests due to the possibility for clashes. If violence breaks out nearby, leave the area immediately and take shelter in a secure, non-government building. Heed all security personnel instructions. Allow additional travel time near demonstration sites.

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