Severity: Warning Alert

Security: Anti-government protests possible across major cities in Israel through at least April 27. Tight security, transport disruptions likely.

This alert affects Israel

This alert began 19 Apr 2020 02:03 GMT and is scheduled to expire 27 Apr 2020 23:59 GMT.

  • Event: Possible protests
  • Location(s): Multiple cities (map)
  • Time Frame: Through at least April 27
  • Impact: Heightened security, localized transport disruptions; possible clashes

Additional protests are possible across multiple cities in Israel through at least April 27 following demonstrations in Tel Aviv, April 19. At least 2,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square, April 19, to protest Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his efforts of forming an emergency government with his chief political rival Benny Gantz. Demonstrators have accused Netanyahu, who is under criminal indictment, of exploiting the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis to evade prosecution on corruption charges.

Despite the nationwide COVID-19 restrictions, Israeli authorities allow protests so long as participants observe social distancing requirements and wear face masks. Should demonstrations materialize in the coming days, gatherings are likely around popular protest sites, including public squares, city centers, and government buildings. In Tel Aviv, popular protest location sites include Rabin Square, Habima Square, and Dizengoff Square. In Jerusalem, demonstrations have occurred outside government ministries, the Prime Minister's Office, and Ha-Shabat Square. Localized transport disruptions are likely. Security forces will probably deploy near all demonstration sites; clashes remain possible if protesters are overly disruptive or fail to observe existing social distancing guidelines to combat COVID-19.

Background and Analysis
Gantz and Netanyahu announced that they would join forces and attempt to form a coalition government in late March. The announcement came following three consecutive national elections that failed to bring about a majority government and end the country's year-long political stalemate. The Black Flag movement, as the recent protests have come to be known, calls on Gantz to not join Netanyahu's coalition government. The unity coalition government, protesters claim, would allow Netanyahu to evade criminal charges and endanger the country's democratic institutions. The Black Flag movement's name comes from protesters carrying black flags to represent the danger that Netanyahu's government allegedly poses to Israeli democracy.

Avoid all announced or proposed protest actions due to the potential for violence. Exercise caution near likely protest locations. Monitor local media for protest activity, as organizers may not announce plans in advance. Confirm the availability of transport and allow additional time to reach destinations. Plan for increased security and localized transport disruptions near demonstrations. Follow all police instructions.