Severity: Warning Alert       

Civil Unrest: Activists protest coronavirus-related restrictions and vaccinations in Trafalgar Square, London, Sept. 19. Avoid the area. Clashes reported.

Alert Begins 19 Sep 2020 05:45 PM UTC
Alert Expires 19 Sep 2020 11:59 PM UTC

  • Event: Protest
  • Location(s): London (map)
  • Date: Sept. 19
  • Impact: Heigtened security; localized transport disruptions; clashes

London's Metropolitan Police have ordered more than 1,000 protesters to disperse from Trafalgar Square or face arrest on Sept. 19. Protesters gathered to demonstrate against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions and the use of vaccines. Clashes between protesters and law enforcement have been reported.

Heigtened security and lozalized transport disruptions are likely in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square in the coming hours. Further clashes between protesters and police cannot be ruled out.

Avoid the demonstration as a routine security precaution and to mitigate associated disruptions. Heed instructions from security personnel and leave the area at the first sign of a confrontation. Check public transport schedules and traffic conditions for disruptions. Allow extra time for travel in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square on Sept. 19.

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