Notification: Iraq - Security Incident Jan. 3 - Baghdad

Alert Details:

Baghdad International Airport in Iraq reportedly shuts down after four projectiles impact near the facility early Jan. 3. Avoid the area.


Locations affected by this alert: Baghdad


This Alert began Jan 02, 2020 22:57 UTC and is scheduled to expire Jan 03, 2020 23:59 UTC.

  • Incident: Security Incident
  • Location: Baghdad International Airport (map)
  • Time/Date: Early Jan. 3
  • Impact: Increased security measures, localized traffic disruptions; possible flight disruptions

Baghdad International Airport (BGW) reportedly shut down after four projectiles impacted near the facility early Jan. 3. Unconfirmed reports indicate there are civilian casualties. No militia or militant group has claimed responsibility for the incident. Media have reported US military aircraft flying in the vicinity of the airport following the explosions.

Increased security measures and localized traffic disruptions are likely in the affected area as authorities investigate the incident.

Avoid the scene of the incident. If incoming artillery fire is reported in the general vicinity, stay indoors, away from windows and exterior walls, and, if possible, move to a ground floor or basement. Check flight status before departing for the airport if traveling via BGW Jan. 3. Do not check out of accommodations until onward travel is confirmed.

Alert Latitude and Longitude: