Authorities suspend all flights between Iran and Turkey indefinitely starting Feb. 26. Confirm travel arrangements.

Severity: Warning Alert

The locations affected by this alert are:

  • Turkey
  • Iran

This alert began 26 Feb 2020 18:32 GMT and is scheduled to expire 10 Mar 2020 23:59 GMT.

  • Event: Flight suspensions
  • Location(s): Turkey, Iran (map)
  • Start Time/Date: Feb. 26
  • Impact: Travel disruptions

The Turkish Civil Aviation Administration (SHGM) announced Feb. 26 that it had suspended all flights between Turkey and Iran indefinitely. While the SHGM did not immediately cite the specific reason for the measure, the action almost certainly stems from concerns over novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) activity in Iran. In its initial communique, the agency clarified that Iranian airliners that were not carrying passengers would be allowed to land in Turkey and return to Iran with passengers; however, such aircraft would not be allowed to transport Turkish nationals on their return flights to Iran. Unconfirmed reports indicate that, shortly after the announcement, two Iranian passenger aircraft en route to Istanbul from Tehran turned around before entering Turkish airspace and returned to their point of origin.

The SHGM's move comes one day after flag carrier Turkish Airlines (TK) suspended its service to all Iranian destinations, with the exception of Tehran, through March 10 due to concerns over COVID-19.

Confirm flight arrangements and consider alternative routes if air travel between Turkey and Iran cannot be avoided. Heed the instructions of authorities.

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