Authorities in China suspend inter-provincial bus services in multiple cities and provinces over novel coronavirus concerns, as of Jan. 26.

Severity: Warning Alert

The locations affected by this alert are:

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Tianjin
  • Qingdao, Shandong Province
  • Xi'an, Shaanxi Province
  • Jinan, Shandong Province
  • Shantou, Guangdong Province
  • Yantai, Shandong Province
  • Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province
  • Handan, Hebei Province

This alert began 26 Jan 2020 14:12 GMT and is scheduled to expire 28 Jan 2020 23:59 GMT.

  • Incident: Bus service disruptions
  • Location(s): Multiple provinces and cities (map)
  • Start Time/Date: Jan. 26
  • Impact: Increased demand for alternative transport

Authorities in China have reportedly suspended or will suspend long-distance and intercity bus services in multiple areas as of Jan. 26 to prevent the spread of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Authorities have stated that all services into and out of the below cities have already or will be suspended:

  • Beijing (from Jan. 26)
  • Shanghai (Jan. 26)
  • Tianjin (from Jan. 27)
  • Xi'an (from Jan. 26)

Authorities have stated that all services into and out of the below provinces have already or will be suspended:

  • Hebei (from Jan. 26)
  • Shandong (from Jan. 26)

It is unclear when services will resume. Reports indicate that air and train travel remains unaffected; however, some inter-city taxi services may also be impacted.

Separately, reports late Jan. 26 indicated that authorities had introduced measures restricting entry of cars, ships, and trains into Shantou, Guangdong Province, from 0001 Jan. 27. However, local officials reversed their statement, saying that transport services into the city will continue, but that disease control measures, such as disinfection efforts, will be stepped up.

Further suspensions of bus services are possible in the coming days as authorities attempt to prevent the spread of 2019-nCoV. Official restrictions will continue to prompt significant transport, business, and supply chain disruptions in impacted areas. An increase in demand for alternative transport is likely during the suspension.

Follow all official instructions and closely monitor official announcements on any additional movement restrictions. Avoid crowded areas as a precaution. Stock up on essential supplies whenever possible. Confirm travel reservations.

Emphasize basic health precautions, especially frequent handwashing with soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are unavailable. There is no evidence that the influenza vaccine, antibiotics, or antiviral medications will prevent this disease, highlighting the importance of diligent basic health precautions.