Security: Anti-US protesters to march from Punjab Assembly to US Consulate in Lahore, Pakistan, starting at 1400 Jan. 12. Avoid the demonstration.

Severity: Warning Alert

This alert affects Lahore

This alert began 12 Jan 2020 00:01 GMT and is scheduled to expire 12 Jan 2020 18:00 GMT.

  • Incident: Anti-US protest
  • Location: Lahore (map)
  • Start Time/Date: 1400 Jan. 12
  • Impact: Increased security measures; likely ground travel disruptions; possible clashes

Various political and Shi'a religious groups will hold an anti-US protest in Lahore starting around 1400 Jan. 12. Organizers have called the action to denounce the Jan. 3 killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani and Shi'a militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Mohandis in Baghdad, Iraq, during a US airstrike. Participants will march from the Punjab Assembly to a location near the US Consulate in Lahore. Thousands of people will likely attend the event.

Police will deploy additional personnel along the march route as a precaution. Historically, Sunni extremists have targeted Shi'a protests in Pakistan, and authorities will be on high alert due to the elevated terror threat. Although the protest will probably be peaceful, clashes may occur if protesters attempt to bypass security cordons. Ground travel disruptions are likely near the demonstration, especially along sections of Egerton Road and Mall Road.

Avoid all demonstrations. Leave the area immediately and seek shelter in a secure location away from schools or government buildings if violence erupts nearby. Do not attempt to drive through areas where protesters are marching or blocking roads. Allow additional driving time if operating near protest venues.

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