WorldAware has been the leader in risk intelligence for over 20 years, providing analysis of key trends in various regions around the globe. The 2020 Global Forecast provides an overview of key events that could potentially affect your organization in the new year.

We are pleased to offer you an executive summary of the annual report. We're also offering 4 new security assessment maps to help you understand risk ratings at the country level for overall security, terrorism, kidnap, and health risk.


Annual Forecast Executive Summary

The executive summary provides an overview of each of the topics covered in the 2020 Global Forecast.

Find out what to expect in Latin America as protests and kidnap threats proliferate; what's next for the Brexit transition; safety concerns of Boeing's 737 MAX 8; the impact of US-China trade agreements on the region at large; and more.


Security Assessment Ratings Map

WorldAware's country-specific security assessment ratings maps evaluate the security profile based on a multitude of factors. These maps give you an immediate picture of the threat environment of a specific location(s). Included with the executive summary are maps for overall security ratings, as well as maps that indicate terrorism, kidnap, and health assessment ratings.


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